PCB Layout Design Engineering
•  Using - Orcad, Pads, Allegro, P-cad, Spectra
•  15+ years of experience designing dense PCBs. BGAs, SMPS, Test Fixtures,
•  Digital, Analog, RF circuitry
•  Design reviews are conducted via PDF review tools
•  (red line corrections tools we provide)
•  Desk top sharing, Skype

DFM (Design for Manufacturing) expert
•  Experienced with overseers factories and processes for PCBAs.
•  Closing the loop between engineering teams and the factories that will make your product.
•  DFM reviews and consulting. Consulted in the writing of DFM manuals for large Companies.
•  DFM reviews are conducted by gerber examination and written reviews in MS Word with rules and illustrations.

CAD Librarian Part Management
•  Why hire a librarian? We can act as your company CAD librarian.
•  Robust manufacturable PCBs start with the correctly designed library part.
•  CAD Library part creation according to IPC standards and naming convention are important for DFM consistency.
•  How are parts ordered? By email request with priority level along with Data sheet and package description.

Engineering EE
•  Electrical engineering. Analog and Digital, Machine control. Micro Processor-programming.
•  20yrs experience with many designs still in the field.

Turnkey Protos
•  We will do the whole thing for you. EE design, Schematic, design the PCB, Have the boards made and stuffed.
•  Tested and back to your desk.

Product Development Support
•  Experience working with Mechanical Engineering, also China factory connections.
•  We can order PCBs for you at a reduced price.


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